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Lists let you save features and link to them in one page. They're commonly used to highlight similar features, but they can be used for any purpose.

  • Lists can have mixed features from any SAEs - features don't even have to be from the same model.
  • Lists have a title and an optional description.
  • List features can have their own description too.


Here's a list of "movie sentiment" features from GPT2-Small, layer 8: Screenshot of a list on Neuronpedia

Creating & Adding To Lists

You can create new lists from any feature page. Just click Add to List, then + New List.

To add a feature to an existing list, click Add to List, then the list you want to add to.

Quick Lists

Quick Lists allow you to create a link to a list of features without creating an actual list - all the feature IDs are in the URL itself. It's a quick way to make a list.

Here's a Python snippet to create a quick list:

import json
import urllib.parse
import webbrowser

LIST_NAME = "hello, this is a quick list! all the necessary data is in the URL"
{"modelId": "gpt2-small", "layer": "6-res-jb", "index": "2320"},
{"modelId": "gpt2-small", "layer": "3-res-jb", "index": "1029"},

url = ""
name = urllib.parse.quote(LIST_NAME)
url = url + "?name=" + name
url = url + "&features=" + urllib.parse.quote(json.dumps(LIST_FEATURES))

print("Opening: " + url)

The resulting quick list is here.